2014 Hannover Messe

The 2014 faces of Multi-Lab Mr Jules Blain (Technical sales manager) & Mr Paul Jackman (Production director) arrived at their hotel in Hannover on sat 5th at around 6 pm, a quick shower followed by a very nice meal in the Bavarium restaurant saw the pair take an early night in readiness for  a busy Sunday at the exhibition center building our stand, following a hearty breakfast and a 20 minute taxi ride, it was time to put on our creative heads, as the layout needed to flow smoothly between Technical Ceramics & Quartz (Fused Silica) ……………

Stand B24 under construction Jules & Paul Stand building Hannover Messe stand preparations

As the stand begins to take shape, we are both feeling the pressure !!

The process of unpacking our rather fragile cargo of of precision machined / ground & blown quartz / fused silica products took some considerable time !! but all arrived un-broked, quite an achievement ! now just to position them all to cathch the best possible light angle without disrupting the flow between ceramics & glassware.

Stand B24 Technical Ceramics & Quartz


Technical ceramic components obviously are easier to transport, so no breakages, however, it was time to untangle the samples & put them back into their specialist groups ………………………………………..

C I M Ceramic Injection Moulded Parts, Precision CNC machined Parts, Iso pressed parts, Extrusions, moldings Etc Etc, but once this was done, the result of our labor, was spectacular !!

The finished article stand B24 Multi-Lab Stand B24 finished

So the fruits of our days hard work (10 am until 5 pm straight through without a break) were clear for all to see !!!!!!!!!!

And so to Monday, we arrived on the stand nice and early 07:45 to make our preparations for battle, Brochures out along with the last few free-standing samples, the Multi-Lab assault on the world of Technical Ceramics & Quartz / Fused Silica world was all set after nearly 12 months of careful planning, our stand position was perfect in Hall 6, completely surrounded by the worlds famous names in the worlds of Materials & Technical ceramics, Everybody who is anybody was there ! and as the first days progressed, it became more & more apparent to all that the Multi-Lab Group had arrived in town with a huge impact, as we were by far the busiest stand in the (what we affectionately named it) the Ceramic Quarter, the versatility that the ML group of 3 companies gave us was certainly a massive advantage.

Our most immediate neighbor, CoorsTek were clearly shocked by the  Multi-Lab range and the massive interest in our products, always nice to impress the big guns !!

Technical ceramics & Fused silica interest on the Multi-Lab stand Quartz & Technical ceramics @ Multi-Lab Stand B24


On Tuesday 8th The Rt Hon Michael Fallon, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise  in the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills,  arrived in Hall 6, The Ceramic quarter, with just one thing in mind, a visit to  the Multi-Lab stand B24 The sole representative of Technical ceramics & quartz ………………………………………….

Rt Hon Michael Fallon visits Multi-Lab Rt Hon Michael Fallon 2


Mr Fallon seemed genuinely very interested indeed in both Technical ceramics and quartz, asking many questions much to the distress of his aid who clearly had a timed schedule to adhere to ! its seems that we over ran our slot, but the minister left happy after inviting us both the the embassy buffet that evening ………………………………………..

Jules & Paul at the embassy buffet Embassy  BuffetEmbassy Buffet

All in all, a great day for the Multi-Lab group who were the talk of  not only the British contingent, but also that of the entire ceramic quarter !!

The fair continued to get busier & busier with the level of interest between Technical ceramics & Quartz split at around 70% to 30% respectively, having said this, the largest single inquiry of the week was for Quartz !!

There were many interesting sights around the show ………………………………….

The morning walk to Hall 6 Hall 6 Ceramic city Main Entrance to Messe NordHannover fairground Solar car


To summarise on the 2014 Hannover Messe (Multi-Lab’s first), I have to report it as a great success despite all of the hard work and being quite ill as a result of a chest infection ……………………………………..

Hall 6 B24 Busy Messe Technical Ceramics " Sialon "


As you can see, The Multi-Lab group proudly flew the flag for team GB in the ceramic city !

Technical ceramic crucibles Quartz & CeramicsTechnical ceramics Fused silica / fabricated quartz


Both Paul & Jules arrived safely back in Newcastle on Saturday afternoon after breaking the stand down on Friday evening, so all’s well that ends well.

Breaking camp Breaking campWaiting at Amsterdam

So thats it really from the Hannover 2014 Messe for now, I will of course update next month when the full impact from a sales point of view can be better assessed !