An Expanding Market for Quartz Fabrication

The need to minimise semiconductor failures has boosted demand for quartz fabrication. The performance of semiconductor components in ever smaller and more powerful electronic devices has become a crucial factor in a manufacturer’s ability to compete in an increasingly demanding, but volatile market.

Precision CNC machined Quartz produced here at Multi-Lab Ltd   Recent years have witnessed a growing range of electronic devices, all marketed with great gusto by their designers and manufacturers. But the bubble bursts when the device fails. These failures are due to a variety of factors, including impurities introduced during processing, deformation of the semiconductor chips or mechanical and even chemical failures due to high temperatures. As a result, many manufacturers are opting for components made from fused quartz because of its chemical purity, resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, hardness and electrical insulating properties. Quartz fabrication, therefore, is the skill manufacturers and designers seek.

Scientific quartz glass blowing from a world leader Multi-Lab ltd

Quartz also has a remarkable optical purity that is important for a wide range of applications, from research laboratories to the windows in spacecraft. This is because it allows a wide range of electromagnetic wavelengths to pass through any window or vessel both unimpeded and undeformed. The products of quartz fabrication come with a range of properties and standards needed by designers and engineers from different industry sectors.

Precision quartz assembly

Type 214 is a variety of clear quartz for tubing and rods with a minimum of inclusions and air lines. This is used mainly for producing semiconductor wafers, as it demonstrates a high dimensional stability. A large diameter version of this, Type 214 LD, is used in oxidation, diffusion and chemical processing at low pressures. The Type 124 version of fused quartz has a very high purity but does contain some fine air bubbles. This is an economic solution for the fabrication of wafer carriers. Type 102 is a synthetic version of Type 124 in the form of ingots. Its purity is extremely high, and it can be used for highly critical semiconductor manufacturing processes. Specialist quartz fabrication companies with the most competitive edge also offer their customers a variety of extra services. These include assistance with specifications, machining and fabrication as well as with product design. Our company is proud of its wide product range, which can be seen on our website. We also offer our customers a full range of ancillary technical services that comply with the semiconductor industry’s stringent and exhaustive standards worldwide. Please feel free to contact us for further information