Recrystallized Alumina

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Key Properties
Material type C 799 according to DIN EN 60672

bullet  Refractoriness up to 1700°C
bullet  Good thermal shock resistance due to high
     thermal conductivity
bullet  High mechanical strength
bullet  High electrical resistivity
bullet  High wear resistance

Applications - Furnace Applications

bullet  Thermocouples and sensors
bullet  Wear applications, pads, tubes & linings
bullet  Pump parts
bullet  High voltage electrical substrates & insulation
bullet  Thread guides
bullet  Ballistic armour
bullet  Feedthroughs
bullet  Papermaking guides & foils ect
bullet  Seal rings & valves (sliding contact)
bullet  Laser cavities
bullet  Grinding media
bullet  Thermal instrument parts

Recrystallized Alumina and Alumina Ceramics

Recrystallized Alumina Alsint 99,7 is an impervious material. It provides the basis for one of the most important technical oxide ceramic materials in the group. 

Alsint 99.7% Al2O3 manufactured products have established themselves as the material of choice for a wide range of product types including... Tubes, Rods, Crucibles, Thermocouple protection tubes, Insulators and machined components.

With all products we have available such manufacturing techniques as Extrusion, Cast, Isostatically pressed and CNC machining.

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