A Global Force in Quartz and Ceramic Technology

Multi-lab manufactures a wide range of components to customer specifications in an extensive choice of technical ceramic materials such as:

Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, Steatite, Boron Nitride, Cordierite, Silicon Nitride, Aluminium Nitride and Macor®.

Multi-Lab is one of the leading High Purity Natural and Synthetic Quartz Glass distributors in Europe. Multi-Lab has always been a defining force in the sale and fabrication of quartz glass within the Semiconductor, Fibre Optic and Lighting industries.

Not only have we mastered the fabrication of high purity quartz glass with different fabrication methods, we have introduced what is without doubt the most advanced Automatic Cutting and Washing facility in Europe

Our strength has always been based around listening to and understanding our customer's requirements and expectations.

Continuous improvement in all areas of our business is key to our growth. What is equally important to us is maintaining in business our inherent family values of trust, fairness and respect to our employees, suppliers and customers.

Celebrating 30 years of Manufacturing Excellence.

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A Global Force in Quartz and Ceramic Technology